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What Type Of Learner Are You?

So why is this important to becoming a doctor? Everybody has a specific learning style that is efficient for them. In fact, you may have multiple learning styles. When you get to medical school (And I am very optimistic that you will get in!), you will need to know what learning style works well for you. Medical school is unlike any other education that you have experienced. Again, I will refer back to this quote,” Medical school is like drinking from a fire hose!” You will have so much information thrown at you that you need to find a way to memorize it, classify it, categorize it, store it then somehow recall it. This is probably the best advice I can give you. Figure out what you’re learning style is or maybe you have multiple. Then when you figure that part out, learn what tools will help you succeed. Let’s explore the learning types:

  1. Visual: you prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding
  2. Aural: you prefer using sound and music
  3. Verbal: you prefer using words in speech and writing
  4. Physical: you prefer using your body and hands
  5. Logical: you prefer using logic and reasoning
  6. Social: you prefer to learn in groups or with other people
  7. Solitary: you prefer to work along and use self-study

My preferred learning style is visual and solitary. How did I figure this out? Trial and error and not doing well in a couple of my classes in college. I have a photographic memory so I realized that if I looked at pictures, diagrams, images, graphs etc, I could memorize exactly that image. I struggled with reading the text in that I could not process the information and then recall it for a test. Again, this was all trial and error but once I figured out my learning style I was able to thrive. I did better on my exams, I processed information much faster, I studied more efficiently, and the list goes on.

If you already know your learning style then you are ahead of the game. If you have no clue, then don’t worry. There are a million tests online that help you identify how you best learn. They do not take much time but it is worth knowing your preferred learning style before you get into medical school.

I hope this helps. Keep studying hard and grinding! You are not alone.


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