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Medical School

It’s like drinking from a fire hose!”

That’s how somebody explained medical school to me. And they were telling the truth. The amount of information that you receive and must process is unbelievable during your 4 years of medical school. No matter what specialty you decide to pursue, the fundamental knowledge that you gather will stay with you throughout your training and into practice.

“It’s not a sprint, Its a marathon”

Here’s yet another description of medical school and I would say even for the process of becoming a physician. I was a track athlete in college and mainly a sprinter. So having to do a marathon seems daunting to me but after having experienced all the training, yes it is a marathon and you must pace yourself physically and mentally.

There is quite a lot we can discuss in this section. Common questions are:

What happens during each year in medical school?

MCAT: Medical College Admissions Test

When do I have to choose my specialty?

Does it matter which medical school I attend?

What’s the difference between MD and DO?

Let me know what questions you have?

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Next topic will be medical school timeline! What happens during each year in medical school

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