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The excitement of getting your medical school acceptance letter is indescribable. You have no idea what you have signed up for and frankly you don’t care because this is the beginning of your own personal journey to becoming a doctor. For those of you who do get accepted, remember that there is a handful of your friends that have not been accepted.

The anguish and disappointment for those who do not get accepted anywhere is difficult and sticks with you for awhile. I have mentored many students who have been on the other side, where they have done everything right but still do not get accepted. It’s really difficult to bounce back and try again the next year because it’s not like you get feedback from the admissions office telling you what to work on, or what needs to be better, or what needs to be added or even what needs to be taken out. I am not an admissions officer and really couldn’t tell you what they are looking for but I do not that in general they want somebody who is not only smart, but genuine, hardworking, compassionate, generous and humble.

Aspiring physicians always ask me to look at their essays or applications and I am happy to because I know the qualities you need to be a great doctor. But again, I don’t know what the medical school your applying to wants. If you are in the boat where you did not get accepted into medical school, then this post is for you.

I was driving to work last week and came across a fascinating podcast about a medical school consulting program. And mind you, I have never met this individual other than listening to his interview on a podcast. I thought it would be a great resource to those aspiring doctors trying to get into to medical school. It is called They have a group of talented academic consultants that help you get into medical school. They have a plethora of services for you, including where you should apply to maximize your chance of getting in to medical school, how to write and refine your personal statement, how to enhance or highlight or extracurricular activities, how to interview successfully and MCAT tutoring. This is only a couple of their services but this group is dedicated to helping you get into medical school. I wish they were around when I was applying. Again, I don’t know the founder but he was very compassionate, honest and available to help you, so please check out their website. It might just help you to get that acceptance letter . . . and you deserve it!

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask my any questions.

Please stay safe and healthy.


Your MedMentor

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