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  • Married/Dating A Doctor In Training

    Hello Aspiring Physicians, Are you supposed to have a life outside of medicine? Absolutely!! It’s hard enough dating but it’s near impossible if you are pre-medical student or in medical… Read More

  • The Personal Statement

    Hello Aspiring Physicians! I am humbled and honored that so many of you have reached out to me for advice and just to talk things through in regards to your… Read More

  • Letters Of Recommendation (LORs)

    Hello Aspiring Physicians, I hope your summer is going well. Maybe this is a relaxing time in your journey to becoming a physician or maybe this is the crunch time… Read More

  • Know Your Why?

    Hello aspiring physicians! We are nearing the end of the summer and that might mean new ventures for you in your medical journey. Before I jump into this next topic,… Read More

  • Choosing A Medical Specialty

    Caratteristiche cialis prezzo Dopo sei mesi di lotta con PayPal non solo per riavere i suoi soldi, Walmart è una delle aziende più sicure per cui lavorare negli Stati Uniti,… Read More

  • How To Present A Patient

    Hello Aspiring Physicians, Hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a couple of months since my last post but happy to say that I am back doing what I love… Read More

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Hi, I'm Tracye J. Lawyer. Tracye J. Lawyer, MD, PhD, AAOS, ABOS is board certified, fellowship trained in orthopedic sports medicine and serves as the medical director for St. Luke’s Cartilage Preservation and Restoration Program. Read More

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