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Greetings future docs!

It’s been a challenging couple of months for everyone. I hope you all have been staying safe and healthy. I, as well as many others have been affected personally by COVID-19. I realize that your training may have been put on hold whether it is taking the MCAT exam or finishing up on rotations. This post is to remind you to keep moving forward toward your goal and dreams despite what is going on in the world. This too will pass.

I encourage you to keep learning and studying as much as possible in order to prepare for when you have to return to taking exams or going back to the wards. As for the MCAT (medical school entrance exam) or Step exams (medical school exams) I will provide you with my recommendations in future posts. But for those of you who are transitioning to the wards and need some continued practice, I would like to give you two websites that I think may be worthwhile to check out.

The first is He goes through very detailed cadaveric dissections of the entire body. If you are visual learner like me and maybe struggle with anatomy – then I would definitely check this website out to hone your skills.

The other website is They have a plethora of knowledge that is more clinically based that would be very useful for medical students at any stage. Their approach is more patient-specific based and they will walk you through some clinical scenarios that I think are helpful.

So please check those out while you are still quarantined. Keep your mind sharp even through these tough times. I apologize for the hiatus but I will hopefully be adding some more stuff for you weekly. As always you can email me with any questions.


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