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  • Keep It Moving!

    Greetings future docs! It’s been a challenging couple of months for everyone. I hope you all have been staying safe and healthy. I, as well as many others have been… Read More

  • Medical School Admissions

    The excitement of getting your medical school acceptance letter is indescribable. You have no idea what you have signed up for and frankly you don’t care because this is the… Read More

  • The Patient Is Always Right!!

    There is something unique about yourself that the medical school admissions committee saw and granted you acceptance into medical school. Except you will never know if it was your application,… Read More

  • Back To School

    It’s back to school time. Although it looks much different this time. Regardless if you are online, hybrid, or full-time in the building, I always get a question from aspiring… Read More

  • What Type Of Learner Are You?

    So why is this important to becoming a doctor? Everybody has a specific learning style that is efficient for them. In fact, you may have multiple learning styles. When you… Read More

  • Residency Matching

    Hello aspiring Physicians, I have had a lot of great questions. I hope this site continues to add to your education and clarity of the medical training process. Thank you… Read More

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Hi, I'm Tracye J. Lawyer. Tracye J. Lawyer, MD, PhD, AAOS, ABOS is board certified, fellowship trained in orthopedic sports medicine and serves as the medical director for St. Luke’s Cartilage Preservation and Restoration Program. Read More

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