Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

This is is reality in everybody’s life. And definitely will be apart of your journey in becoming a physician. Becoming a doctor is expensive. And no matter if you received scholarships or a trust fund you will have student loans when you are finished. There are ways to mitigate the amount that you owe in the end. Unless you earned a degree in business, medical school does not teach about finances and you are expected to know about it whether you go into private practice, academia or hospital-employed practice. When I look back at my training, I wish I knew what some of my other counterparts knew about how to handle your finances and to minimize the amount of student loans that I gained over the years.

During residency, I began reading books specifically for physicians and managing money. I want to share some of my favorite medical finance books that have helped me along the way:

  1. The White Coat Investor
  2. Financially Intelligent Physician
  3. Doctor’s Eyes Only
  4. The Doctor’s Guide to Eliminating Debt
  5. Financial Boot Camp
  6. The Physician’s Guide to Personal Finance
  7. The Physician’s Guide to Investing
  8. Dealing with Student Loans
  9. The Best Ever Guide to Getting out of Debt for Physicians
  10. Pay Yourself First (A Financial Guide for Doctors Entering Practice)


What questions do you have regarding this topic?

Any other interesting or helpful books you have read?

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